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Falcon 4.0 Origins

Falcon 4 roots can be traced as far back as 1984 with the release of F-16 Fight Falcon by Spectrum Holobyte. Development of Falcon continued for the next 10 years with the release of Falcon AT in 1988 and Falcon 3.0 in 1991.

In 1994 Falcon 4.0 development was announced with an official release in 1998 by MicroProse. Development continued and in the summer of 1999 the Falcon 4 development team was laid off by Hasbro. The team continued to work through the end of the year and in the spring of 2000, the source code was leaked.

Falcon 4.0 was designed to be the greatest air combat simulation of its era and the developers would not let the Falcon Legacy fade away.

We invite you to read more about the Falcon Epopee on this website to find the full timeline and behind the scene story.

Welcome to the amazing world of Falcon!


Benchmark Sims & Falcon BMS

Falcon BMS 4.32 was officially released as a modification to Falcon 4.0 by Benchmark Sims, a community driven development team. The team is comprised of passionate and talented developers from all over the world, who work tirelessly for the love of the sim and the community.

Falcon BMS will always be a free modification providing you own an original copy of Falcon 4.0.

The team at Benchmark Sims is committed to keeping the Falcon Legacy alive and strong!


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