Frequently Asked Questions

General Terms of use

Q: Can I use Falcon BMS without an existing Falcon 4.0 installation?

A: As per terms of use and general license agreement, you must have an active and legitimate installation of Falcon 4.0 to install and run Falcon BMS.

Falcon 4.0 can be purchased on Steam or GoG.


Q: Is Falcon BMS free?

A: Yes. The only condition is for you to respect the previous rule on having an existing Falcon 4.0 license…


Q: Can BMS be used in a commercial context?

A: This mod may NOT be used for any commercial purposes. Any such use may constitute a violation of the intellectual property of MicroProse Software Pty Ltd. and the non-commercial Terms and Conditions under which Benchmark Sims make this mod available to you.


Q: Can I redistribute my own modded (or not) version of Falcon BMS?

A: No!

If you see any other websites distributing Falon BMS or its assets on other websites than the official ones ( or please report it to the BMS team.

BMS Team and development

Q: How can I be part of BMS Team?

A: The BMS Team is always looking for new talents to join but we make a strong case in making sure the person motivation and references are solid.

BMS is a close group and we value team spirit. If you think you make the cut, please consider applying here!


Q: How can I contribute to BMS?

A: You can by any mean actually… Nevertheless, here are our request for community based work:

  • It must be your original creation (you created it from A to Z) OR you have the written permission of the original author to use it in BMS context.
  • Your work MUST be free.
  • Although we can’t force you, we will tend to promote work that is open and shared with the community.
  • No official support from BMS team will be offered for “moded” installations of Falcon BMS.


Q: Will you model anything else than the F-16?

A: By nature of the name itself (e.g. FALCON). All efforts will be focused towards the simulation of the F-16 in most of its forms and versions…

Other planes with custom cockpits have been added over the years but the systems for now are mostly based on F-16 avionics (This statement might change over time).

Falcon BMS General Information

Q: Falcon BMS Installation is very hard to understand, how do you go through it?

A: Don’t worry, we got you covered…

Just go and visit our Wiki Site.


Q: What are the PC specifications necessary to run Falcon BMS?

A: Please check -> Hardware requirements


Q: What hardware should I use to fly?

A: For external devices, we recommend to use a HOTAS, VR Headset and / or head tracking device for best experience!

You can do without but your journey might be very hard on some steps (Air Refueling, Formation flying, Building a good situational awareness, …)


Q: I am new to Falcon BMS, where should I start?

A: First and foremost, you should use the provided documentation with Falcon BMS installation.

Other than this, there are plenty of online resources on YouTube but mainly on our Wiki website and a couple community sites such as Falcon Lounge learning site.

Note: Always make sure that resources you are using are for the latest version of Falcon BMS…


Q: Are there communities were I can interact with other pilots?

A: Yes! Although there are plenty, we recommend the official BMS Forum or the Falcon Lounge and its Discord which is ran by BMS Team members.

For other communities, you can find them on the Falcon BMS Forums.


Q: Is there a list of online servers?

A: Unfortunately no… But many are advertised as part of the BMS Forums or Discord channel (see previous question).

Note: Although some communities are pretty open to new pilots, many will ask for a minimum set of skills to fly. Please read those communities’ guidelines before jumping straight in…