Falcon BMS 4.37 Trailer

Dynamic Campaign

Dynamic campaign imageDynamic Campaign is the most known feature since Falcon 4.0!

Falcon BMS will offer you to take part in a virtual conflict engaging several actors in the Korean peninsula (6 different scenarios are offered)…

As soon as you get into the campaign, you could:

  • Act as a commander in chief and direct the units from the 2D map.
  • Let the AI decide the fate of the war and play¬† your part as a pilot.
  • Take the fate of your squadron and plan the flights carefully and fly.

The is actually no real limit to what you can do in Falcon… You just need to lead your team to victory within the campaign time limit.

We are convinced that you’ll be amazed by the complexity of the campaign engine.

Precision Aerodynamics

Engine TurbineAs part of the flying experience, the flight dynamics have been greatly improved to offer a close to real life experience in the F-16 and other advanced modeled aircraft.

Based on F-16 NASA data, the BMS team has spent hundreds of hours to rework the following components (non exhaustive list):

  • FLCS (FLight Controls Systems)
  • Engine thrust
  • Lift calculations
  • Turn rate ratio
  • Brakes efficiency

If you’re interested to learn more about this topic, we invite you to read the dedicated articles made on the flight dynamics.

F-16 Systems Realism

F-16 SEADBenchmark Sims Team has gone through a lot of public documentation and pilots feedback to build the F-16 systems and weapons systems.

Falcon BMS focuses on systems available on many F-16 blocks and variants… From block 15 to 52+ and European variants (MLU).

We try to stay accurate on the weapons loadout capacity of each block and country’s options so you can enjoy the real deal!

Don’t hesitate to go through the extensive Falcon BMS documentation or tutorials, to get accustomed to the systems and weapon employments.

Community Driven

Online community imageWith the launch of Falcon 4.0 in 1998, the community hasn’t stopped exchanging, moding and contributing to the initial game.

With Falcon BMS, we have reached a strong experience of 20 years improving the original Falcon 4.0 code.

Every release is a new achievement in terms of efficiency, stability and creativity! We try to push ourselves to our own limits to bring the best experience overall…

There are many ways for you to get part of the experience and join the many communities around Falcon BMS.

Start your multiplayer experience in Falcon BMS by joining us on the Official Forum or Community Discord.

Your F-16 flights will never be the same!

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Patriot LauncherPushing the limits of planes aerodynamics and having a dynamic campaign isn’t enough!

Whether you’re flying online or solo, you need to have an artificial intelligence that manages air, ground and sea units properly. In order to achieve this, we are constantly improving the following fields:

  • Proper radio communication procedures
  • Navigation procedures
  • Proper weapons employment
  • Mimic human behavior
  • IADS system

We always try to reach for accuracy and make it as enjoyable as possible!

Additional Planes


Mirage 2000D displayWant to try other planes and experience Falcon BMS differently? No problem, we got you covered!

Falcon BMS focus is obviously the F-16 and its many variants / blocks but we know a war cannot be fought with a single type of plane…

This is why over the years, we added additional planes to the “flyable” catalog.

Advanced Fidelity Models:

  • Engage in Air to Air combat with an advanced modelization of the F-15C (avionics & flight model)

Other planes:

  • Experience the F-18C and a fully modeled LSO landing procedure
  • Enjoy VTOL capacity with the AV-8B harrier
  • Fly red side in mig-29

New planes are being added with each major release!

Note that Falcon BMS Team is constantly improving plane fidelity based on publicly available documentation. Some aircraft will have limited functionality or even inherited avionics from the F-16.

Other more accruate airframes might come in the future but only based on the teams willingness and public documentation available…

Sky is the limit!