Flight Model

Articles around the Falcon BMS flight model.

Limit Cycle Oscillations (LCO)

This quick article is about something fairly unique to BMS. Actually it may be the first time that anything like this has been done in a PC flight simulator--at least 100% realistically. Continuing down the road of "flight model perfection", our flight model coder...

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Changing the Brakes Model

Ever do any silly landings on the highway strips in F4? You probably had to slam on the brakes just about immediately in order to stop. Well, you're not a C-17 doing an assault landing on 3500 feet of runway...Those days are over! BMS now features modelization of the...

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FM Part 7 – Axis Shaping

This quick article talks about how to get the most out of setting up your joystick controller to get the best Advanced Flight Model (AFM) experience with the F-16 in BMS. The FLCS for the F-16 is coded exactly as the real aircraft's; therefore the controller has...

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FM Part 6 – The Mechanical Module

1. Introduction The main -so called- mechanical parameters that impact on the physical model are: The Mass and the position of the Center of Gravity (CG) (or Gravity Center - GC)The Inertia Matrix Basically and without entering too much into mathematics, the mass is...

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FM Part 5 – Pushing The Limits

1. Introduction As seen in the Developer’s Note #4, the FLCS of the AFM was based on the NASA Technical Paper 1538 (TP 1538 ) “Simulator Study of Stall / Post Stall Characteristics of a Fighter Airplane with Relaxed Longitudinal Static Stability”. I will reference...

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FM Part 3 – The Aero Module

1. Navier stokes, Euler or Tabular? When we talk about modeling the aerodynamic forces and torques, there are basically three main options: The first one is to compute the 3D airflow all around the model using the Navier Stokes equations, plus equations of turbulence...

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