FM Part 4 – Revealing the Dark Side of the F-16 – FLCS

Think you know about the F-16’s Flight Control System? Think again! This 33-page monster reveals the inner workings of the Viper’s black-box magic that keeps it flying. Although the article gets a little technical, fear not…key concepts are broken down to plain language so virtually anyone can understand it. Pay special attention to bolded and boxed text as these are main point concepts. If it still blows your mind, just press the “I Believe Button” and enjoy flying the most advanced F-16 flight model evilly conceived for a PC flight simulator. Check the link below and enjoy!

The article includes:

  • Introduction
  • F-16 Stability Characteristics
    • Longitudinal Characteristics
    • Directional & Lateral Stability
    • Kinematic & Inertia-coupling Phenomena
  • FLCS
    • Cruise Gains
      • Pitch
      • Roll
      • Yaw
    • Landing Gear (LG) Gains
    • LEF & TEF Scheduling
    • Gun Compensation
  • The Asymmetry Problem

Check the PDF above for more information.