Participate in BMS Development

General considerations

BMS team is always looking for new talents to fill up our ranks!

Officially, BMS team isn’t actively recruiting but our best asset is definitely our community.

So how can you figure out if you are a good candidate for us to consider?

There are common qualities from our team members we expect:

  • Passion
  • Humility
  • Team Player
  • Commitment
  • Perseverance
  • Patience

As a reminder, a place within the team is earned and getting in is only the first step…



Here are the main profiles that today constitute the BMS team.

Beta Tester

(No more applications accepted for now unless you have a BMS mentor)

Your role is to test the minor and major releases of Falcon BMS.

Required Skills:

  • Master Falcon BMS installation, configuration and use (single player & multiplayer)
  • Be able to create scenarios to test a specific feature or behavior
  • Follow a test plan and documentation
  • Document bugs reports properly and follow-up with coders


  • Dedicate at least 2 days a week during active testing phases (when entering beta phase)
  • Organize flights with other testers
  • Coordinate with others via our communication tools
  • Be pro-active with coders to provide feedback
Theater Designer / Creator

You will work on the officaly supported theaters of Falcon BMS. You role will be to improve global terrain, features integration and / or create a campaign scenario.

Required Skills:

  • General understanding of the Falcon BMS Databases (Asset databases or 3D database)
  • Master tools such as Mission Commander
  • Understand the campaign folder structure
  • Understand the basic campaign setup


  • Be rigorous and precise
  • Work jointly with database owners for correct tracking
  • Finish the work you start (usualy those tasks cannot be shared)


3D Artist

A 3D project will be required to your evaluation to enter the team!

Provide original 3D assets for BMS to use in the sim. A 3D artist can definitely contribute without being part of BMS…

Required Skills:

  • Previous experience as a 3D artist (experience on 3DS Max prefered)
  • Ability to texture proficiently
  • Quality driven


  • Have an existing portfolio to present
  • Strongly suggested to be an active contributor from community perspective in 3D assets before applying to join

This is the hardest position to apply for…

The team needs to trust you with code management and without BMS member backing, this will be very hard…

Our expectations will be high since you will have access to Falcon BMS code. We need a someone from the BMS team to vouch for you!

Mandatory requirements:

  • C++ coding proficient
  • Come with an idea of the area you want to improve
  • Document your changes
  • Work in team (you’re not alone to submit code)

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