Falcon BMS 4.35 U3

Please find the changelog for Falcon BMS 4.35.3:


- Improved flight insertion according to take off time.
- Fixes a bug where the ATC was missing some calls in case leader was dead and new leader was calling
- Fixes Airbases not lighting in MP when player is not #1.

- Fixes BVR tactics for  AI wingmen of player's leader
- Fixes loops in the wingmen BVR tactics comms.
- AI now evades missiles in MP.
- Fixes AI not taking off from carrier sometimes (race condition between atccmd message and airframe).

- Improves alpha sorting (objects burning through clouds issue)
- Fixes lit objects (lights, sign and alpha lit such as building window) burning through fog.
- Fixes wrong object altitude computation for fog.
- Fixes glitch while chasing bombs in weapon camera;
- Improved sky fog computation, ambient color values, terrain fog distance.
- New sunrises and sunsets.

- Fixes tanker brain is storing raw pointer, which can become dangling.
- Fixes in weapon fire message when trying to shoot a flight of helicopters.
- Fixes if Harm is launched in HTS and locked target is destroyed in the same time.
- Fixes external padlock CTD while overGing.
- Fixes AirTaskManager race between simloop and campaign.
- Fixes HARM when accessing POS from HAD.
- Fixes sound CTD due to bad initialization.
- Fixes left over from previous frames which were not being flushed and caused CTD.

Serious bugs:
- Fixes a NaN in airframe fuel that caused aircrafts such as AN2, J5, MiG17 to become zombie.
- Fixes a deadlock between UI and campaign while leaving campaign;
- Fixes RWR not catching STT locks;
- Fixes deadlock of campaign and simloop thread, when campaign is doing cleanup and simloop is running SFX exec.
- Fixes sound deadlock in campaign.

- Allows head adjustment position with mouse while using trackIR.
- Fixes to look closer when using trackIR.
- Fixes ships engaging non deagged entities, wasting missiles and killing FPS in the same time.
- Fixes airbase repair, which was broken in U2.
- Fixes dying aircraft tracking with radar.
- Fixes Problems with slots assignments;
- Fixes airbases flooding when no parking PT available.
- Section line up fix.
- If all tactics fail, output debug showing what went wrong and keep current tactic.


- RTTRemote: bumper version to 4.1
- Fixed fuel tanks (critical).
- Fixed CTD in Tactical Reference: removed J-20 and MQ-9 from the TacRefDB.xml file (index not updated but that is not an issue) because these vehicles are not in the 4.35 DataBase.
- Fixed unit "MIM23 Hawk" battalions Element Flag: AN/MPQ-55 RDR is now defined only as "Is Target Acquisition Radar".
- Fixed E-8C being invulnerable in 2D.
- Fixed Flight Elements data + squadron store pointer.