Falcon BMS 4.37.3

Known Limitations Mirrors will only show once canopy closed VR is still an early iteration, do not expect a fully featured experience (mouse needed) Falcon BMS will default to new launcher but old launcher still available at root folder installation Warning (Breaking...

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Falcon BMS 4.37.0

Here is the Changelog for our new Major version 4.37.0.
You will enjoy a lot of new features like VR, CATM, New UI, New Launcher, performance improvements, and a lot of fixes…

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Falcon BMS 4.35 U2

Here is the changelog from Falcon BMS 4.35.1 to 4.35.2 Generic Information & Known issues: =================================== — The build number string in the Falcon UI will read "4.35.2 (x64) Build 23835" after the update. — The shortcuts in the start menu and...

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