Falcon BMS 4.36 Update 1

Important Information

No changes will be done to the config files but make sure you have the following lines in the Falcon BMS.cfg file (REMOVE the previous fixes you put for 4.36.0 if this the case):

set g_sPriorityFixes "all"                           // Dev Setting
set g_sCompatibleChanges "all"                       // Dev Setting
set g_sNonCompatibleChanges "all-DURANDAL"           // Dev Setting

Data Changelog

Mission changes:
- Three new training missions (goes together with an updated training manual)
    - BMS_04A_Formations
    - BMS_04B_Tac_Turns
    - BMS_04C_HARTS
- Fixed AAR training mission: A-A TACAN fix.
- Recreated ILS weather mission: fixed active runway + wind
- Renamed: 
    - BMS_05_AAR -> BMS_04D_AAR
    - BMS_04_ILS_Landing -> BMS_05_ILS_Landing

Documentation changes:
- Updated F-15E pit documentation
- Multiple corrections to Training, Dash-34, Naval OPS and other manuals (based on community feedbacks)

Vehicle / Weapon changes:
- All F16:
Back to a 9.3G pos G limiter. There are a LOT of inconsistances in available documentation. It is even possible (but unconfirmed) that there has been some FLCS upgrade between 2003 and 2008 that would explain discrepencies , OR maybe this was just documentation mistake. Why EM charts have been drawn at 9.0G as well is a mistery. Anyway, it seems 9.3G is the most common value nowadays, so let's reinstore that :)
Improve vapor - Credits for the work to Kouzi from public forum, we just improved a bit.
Implemented Covert lighting option on MLU F-16s  (Uses 5 states, but the switch is only a 3 position switch: OFF/COVERT/COVERT/COVERT/NORM)
- S-35S & SK: fix pilot eyes and gun position
- F/A-18 A,B,C and D: ground-wheels contact for AI and Human a/c
- J-20:
    - avoid weapons in bay adding any Drag Index
    - add drag chute un 3dmodel, add 3rd texture set, modify OFM AoA limitors to avoid hard oscillations when AoA reach limit values
    - refuel probe location and animation
- Yak-38:
    - Add UKR texture
    - AI a/c gear height fix
- EF-2000: Rework the EF2000 loadouts (both GE and UK) following Scopion82 advices
- F-14 (all versions): AAR probe animation fix
- Added F-16C Block 50 HAF to database
- F-104:
    - pit gauge and animation fixes
    - fixes dragchute not working
- WD-1 animation fix
- HJ-10 flame fix
- MQ-9 Update
- J-6 and J-6B, Mig-19PM, Q-5II and Q-5N:
    - Missing "Has Chaff Flares" flag in DB
    - Better OFM ground handling
    - Reduced afterburner point lights intensity
- A-6E and EA-6B: Refuel probe location
- RF-4E: Spoilers not working and global overhaul
- AS.30L: Align seeker to AGM-65L and fix range to 11km
- F-4 family: Fine tune wheel ground-contact
- A-6E and EA-6B Jaguar Gr3 and Jag A: Fixes spoilers not working.
- Mirage 2000: Change HUD Gun mode from SNAP to SSLC (closer to IRL -5 display)
- C-17: Uses 3 texture sets now (instead of 1)
- Sovremenny Class: Fixed texture mapping
- C-160R NG: Fixed (workaround) the basket Alpha sorting issues and fixed steady wingtip NAV lights
- RIM-162, RIM-66E, RIM-66M, RIM-67A, RIM-67D: Added PS missile flame
- Support in some missiles .dat files for new PS based flame effect.
- Small touch to SAM trails effect to have a bit of glow at the first particles after the flame
- Removed AMX A-11 Ghibli and G-4 Super Galeb from TacRef (these are models exclusively used in Balkans)
- Removed Sea Harrier FA2 from TacRef (model was removed)

IVC changes:
- Add a string for an IVC error message (deliver in 2D UI):
New IVC code coming handles the case where a connection to the voice server cannot be made (because of a bad IP address for example).
Updated IVC client binaries, new version 1.5.2. These contain fixes to ensure that trying to send a bad IP address from the game to the client doesn't hang the connection.

Cockpit changes:
- F-16 cockpit textures updated to 4K and 8K by Oyster_KAI on public forum
- Fixed F-16C+52 HAF CFT Cockpit
- Tornado cockpits updated (by Gadfly & Frederf)
- F-104 : cockpit update and wing model
- Fixed MLU pits backlighting coloring. EWS green instead of white.
- Updated Kneeboards with latest KTO AIP

Comms changes:
- Added Frags and comms for awacs off station time
- New Comms for "Unable" Messages LASER ON / Winchester / No JOY
- Corrected 9-line entry in Comms menu
- Removed WeaponsFree, replaced by:
    - Weapons Free AA
    - Weapons Free AG
- Added Frags for:
    - Request permission to engage bandits
    - Request permission to engage ground targets
    - New JTAC  "say again" 
    - Fixed GPS Format 

Airbase changes:
- Sokcho Airbase: Added new ATC frags and fixed entries in DB
- Wonju: Fixed TCN
- Updated various .dat ATC files due to changed airport model and charts
- Fixed trees obstructing approach at Seosan, Chengjou, Suwon

Other changes:
- Apply default weather (Map Model) when starting a new campaign (KTO and TvT)
- Added Weather Maps Previews (31 days) that will be used for any default campaign 
- New sounds for ALR93
- Fixed objectives "First Owner/Control" for all .cam files
- Fixed Print Layouts (typos)
- Adds Checking in entry and eval.

Code Changelog

3D Engine Fixes:
- Changes in Alpha sorting to avoid issues in lights (e.g. C-17)
- Fixed Smart scaling causing artefacts (e.g. missile trail)
- Fixed broken lighting on airbases an MP
- Improved PS effect on missile flame
- Fixed AI wheels in ground on clients

Weather Engine fixes:
- Match the Skyfog level poor/inclement to our default inclement Fog on ground value, so that our default inclement does not look blue sky in between clouds
- Fix Shower rain under very small clouds when interpolating between maps
- Fix Weather not beeing updated correctly between host and clients for Probabilistic and Deterministic models
- Fix Weather corrupted for the first Map after AutoLoad

AI Engine fixes:
- Reinforced targeting of AI (avoid targeting of dying objects)
- Fix "Weapons Free" badly working for AA when in AG mission (!10)
Make a split WeaponsFree_AA and WeaponsFree_AG in the wingmen comms in order to correctly instruct wingmen to engage specific AA or AG targets
New calls from AI for better understanding of the situation:
"request permission to engage bandits" for AA
"request persmission to engage ground targets" for AG
- Fixed AI radar mode not properly used
- Allow AI to fire Harpoon  at much operational distance (Around 50 NM)
- JTAC is now able to repeat the last transmitted comm
- Fix JTAC not targeting a new contact after a good hit. Now JTAC will mark with laser or smoke another contact in case of good hit
- JTAC responding "Unable" instead of nothing when not ready / bad sequence
- Allow JTAC to respond much quicker for players that have not "player's voice activated"
- More robust and faster method to set up AI lights over enemy territory
- Fixed a CTD that happens when tanker lands
- Fixed capable SAMS unable to shoot down incoming missiles
- Fixed unresponsive AI to "attack my target / attack targets " during already started AG attacks
- Fixed AWACS bahavior: Make awacs announce remaining station time when 15mn and less left

ATC Engine fixes:
- Fixed inconsistencies in ATC wind calls
- Fix request departure after a proper landing not working properly
- ATC Takes wind into account while vectoring

UI Engine fixes:
- Fixed crash when opening 3D recon in UI
- COMM menu now applies Windows DPI settings
- Fixed the problem where a bad voice server IP can hang the IVC client
- Fixed network connect failure if IVC not started
- Fixed wrong threat circles related to 2048 theaters (EMF or Middle East 128)

Systems fixes:
- Fixed cannot slew TGP in HARM-mode
- Fixed AGM-65L DLZ
- Fixed FCR being stuck on AGR when toggling gun mode with GBU-36 / AGM-65L loaded
- Fixed issues in AHR guidance when HPRF track was lost and back to DL guidance
      Note: performance of 120-C5 fixes will come in future Update 2 patch
- Fixed stuck stores are occuring too often
- Fixed CTD by a hung GBU
- Various VIP/VRP fixes
- Fixed AG FCR not sweeping in TGP mark for eg GBU39
- Fixed HMCS label for DGFT mode with no no missiles loaded
- Fixed HARM INS / Harm was able to destroy target on a Precision Steerpoint in POS / GE / DS without target emitting
- Filter out really short (accidential) presses
- Fixed a lot of RWR issue in SP in MP
- Fix HAS search wrong cycles when some threats in the table were null
- Various AGM-65L improvements:
    - Fix HUD info (ttg, slant range, DLZ etc), which is now the same as normal AGM6
    - Fix WPN MFD info (DLZ, OSB labels)
    - Fix interval of laser code, previous was pretty fast making code changes a hit or miss
    - update mechanisation
        - missile starts caged
        - uncaging in PRE/VIS will slave missile to SPI indicated by S on MFD
        - uncaging in BORE will start a 10x10deg scanning pattern
        - TMS up after re-caging in BORE will allow GPI slewing
- Improve AGR with Lobes including loss of signal within the lobes
- Fix AHR missing STT state in case STT from TWS
- Changing waypoint after a Handoff does NOT reset the handoff but updates the Waypoint
- Improved HARM behavior:
It allows to make the HAD locked target a SPI, which you can use for AGR or TGP. which makes the HTS pod usefull even if no AGM88 onboard
The TGP page has been updated, and the fake weapon station OSB9  (& 13) switch has been replaced with a OSB9 SightPoint use , that allows to slave / Unslave the TGP with the HAD locked target
- Fix AG FCR unable to lock a moving target in GM . GMT is a display filtering only
- Make GroundSpots work in MP
- Fixed HAS for Ships and Empty Table Threat
- Fixed sticky RWS SAM cursor

Flight Models fixes:
- Fix a few problems with the Take off rotation on some OFM

Others fixes:
- Fixed a memory leak in refueling code
- Fixed drogue data not being destroyed properly after master object disapear (e.g. tanker drogues not disappearing)
- Fixed CTD caused by dangling chaff and flare SFX
- Fixes CTD related to helicopter landing
- Fixes an infinite loop while reseting unit waypoint
- Fixed an issue in player combat bonus: Clamps combat bonus to never become negative
- Fixed Loadouts beeing badly removed before rearming
- Fixed a crash when CPU has over 32 threads

- Add experimental support for native Tacview support
(revert to old ACMI format by adding in Falcon BMS User.cfg: set g_bTacviewAcmi 0)

- Add experimental support for native Tacview .zip.acmi export
(revert to old VHS ACMI format by adding in Falcon BMS User.cfg: set g_bTacviewAcmi 0)

- Native Tacview allows replays to contain lots of new info. Take a flight and see what you find!

- Coordinates currently only work correctly for KTO, pending additional data required in theater files. We'll provide info to theater creators to get updates out ASAP.