Falcon BMS 4.36 Update 2

Here are the changes for Falcon BMS 4.36.2 (Update 2):

Data Changelog

3D & Textures changes:
- F-16C 50 HAF texture fix
- Updated F-16 cockpit sidewall and throttle and stick textures
- U-2S : removed BDA, PATROL, REEC PATROL mission type from the FM file
- F-16A & B skin update
- F-16C Block 15, 25, 30, 32, 40, 42, 50, 52, MLU, HAF, ROKAF skins updated
- F-15 wing models fixed (cockpit view)

Flight Models changes:
- New AI BFM (ACDATA changed - New AOA lines).
- EF-2000 FM adjusted
- F-16C blk52+ CFT sim data fixed

Documentation changes:
- BMS Technical Manual updated
- BMS User Manual updated
- BMS Key file Editor updated
- Callback List updated
- Cheongju and Iwami Airports charts updated
- F15E 3D cockpit manual updated

Vehicle / Weapon changes:
- Fix AIM120C Drag for low altitudes and guidance delay
- BLU-107 fixed following code changed

IVC changes:

Comms changes:
- Updated the AI "weapons free" comms

Airbase changes:
- Removed Feature 3D Trees from all Airbases (main & scenery) objectives due to massive framerate impact

Other changes:
- Adjusted the "AfterburnerDetentClick" sound
- Updated Config.exe and Falcon BMS.cfg

Code Changelog

3D Engine:

Weather Engine:

AI Engine:
- Fix AI not having correct anti-collision sequence after a ramp startup.

ATC Engine:
- Fix CTD related to aircraft parking/landing/taxing in airbases different to the original one, see https://forum.falcon-bms.com/topic/22957
- Fix ILS Steering Command with Wind

UI Engine:

- Fix SJ page : it is accessible even on ground. But the load outs are not "HOT" when selected except if GndJett activated.
- Fix Harm HUD bearing and angle to Turn cues. If range outside MMR , Angle to turn is the angle to turn to reach MMZ & Following Btest U2, blank turn angle if outside AMZ or inside MMZ without solution.
- Fix Gun Reticle Hud Cues : Heading tape badly positioned and depression in mrad with 3 digits.
- Fix wrong hud heading tape when on ground with GND speed selected.
- Font changes.
- Fix for HARM box flashes faster.
- Adds g_bHSD_HAD_FCR_Font for cfg file. "1" enables the font size of many HSD/HAD/FCR fonts that should be using the "bullseye" font size (bugged tgts, IDM wingmen, IDM bugged tgts, PPTs, etc.) Enable for more realism/decluttered displays. Disable for better readability.
- Improvements to FCR MFD DLZ positioning, Raero, Ropt symbology & text
- Fix next-rocker increasing active stpt when in DEST page, see https://forum.falcon-bms.com/topic/23135
- Fix LCOS pipper w/o lock - The lead angle was far too low - one easy (and inexpensive!) way to fix this is to have the unlocked LCOS pipper to just follow the snake around with the usual low-pass filter.
- Refactoring of bullet & target flight path over BTOF.
- Fix RWR detection ranges - STT/TWS/RWS had multipliers > 2 causing RWR to go off at ranges of 100NM or more.
- Fix durandal (BLU-107) effects and ballistics
- Fix AGM65L laser code unlocking

Flight Models:
- Fix for noze gear collapse.
- New AI BFM (ACDATA changed - New AOA lines).

- Added TrackIR controls external and eyefly view camera orientation (set g_bExternalTrackIROrientation 0 // disable TIR external view)
- Fix Carrier bad spawning (spawning in the air instead of on the deck).
- Fix unresponsive TMS-up after switching from AG to NAV with AGM65 loaded, see https://forum.falcon-bms.com/topic/22666
- Fix JTAC CTD, see https://forum.falcon-bms.com/topic/23050