Falcon BMS 4.36 Update 3

Here are the changes for Falcon BMS 4.36.3 (Update 3):

Data Changelog

3D & Textures changes:

Flight Models changes:
- EF-2000 OFM changed

Documentation changes:
- KTO charts updated
- Kneeboards ILS freq page updated
- Training Manual updated
- Dash 34-1 updated
- CAS Template updated

Vehicle / Weapon changes:
- Fixed Triple Ejector Rack (TER) not used for single BDU-33

IVC changes:

Comms changes:

Airbase changes:
- 3D trees removed from some additional airbases (FPS performance issues)
- ILS Seosan fixed

Other changes:
- Updated Falcon BMS.cfg
- Added g_bExternalTrackIROrientation in cfg file
- Campaign Tiger Spirit is now easier as per original design

Code Changelog

3D Engine:
- Fixed aircrafts not exploding when hitting the ground
- Fixed memory leak in frame draw lists.

Weather Engine:

AI Engine:
- Rewriting of the ground avoidance code. Fixes aircraft crashing into the ground too easily in BFM. Allow better low level combat.
- Fixed AI landing on wrong airbase.
- Fixed memory corruption in helibrain.

ATC Engine:
- Fixed Parking point CTD due to reaggregation.

UI Engine:
- Fixed UI CTD related to ATO mission type drop down and pauses UI refresher while user is editing it.
- Fixed CTD in UI editor when flight creation fails.

- Fixed CTD after last mav is fired and AIM9 tries to draw DLZ.
- Fixed inconsistencies in heading tape position & ILS caret position.
- Fixed size of Maltese cross in AGR/DTOS, ACM Slew, and CATA.
- Fixed missing funnel/sight with no lock.
- Possible fix for hung stores due to spikes in input.

Flight Models:

- Fixes CTD related to MP tanker message.
- Fix for ACMI deadlock on exit.
- Some tacview fixes (improve frequency, fixes typo).