Falcon BMS 4.37.2

Known Limitations

  • Mirrors will only show once canopy closed
  • VR is still an early iteration, do not expect a fully featured experience (mouse needed)
  • F-15C cockpit is a Work In Progress (it cannot be used for ramp start)
  • Falcon BMS will default to new launcher but old launcher still available at root folder installation


  • For voice activated commands: A lot of changes were made, make sure you update your scripts…
  • Key files have been reworked
  • As usual, Falcon BMS.cfg is restored to default

Data Changelog

3D & Textures changes:
- Updated texture for IAF cockpits
- Updated MD-500 model
- Fixed F/A-18 buttons location in cockpit (reverted changes)
- Updated tiles under bridges for KTO

UI changes:
- Updated WASP mission
- Updated Traning 01 mission
- Fixed trigger for Save3 campaign
- Updated TacRef
- Updated Art for TvT

Flight Models changes:

Documentation changes:
- Updated BMS-Training.pdf
- Updated BMS-User-Manual.pdf
- Updated TO 1F-16CMAM-34-1-1 BMS.pdf
- Updated BMS-Technical-Manual.pdf
- Updated BMS Device Setup Guide.pdf
- Updated keeboard & Charts & AIP
- Updated CAS Templates
- Updated BMS-Cockpit-Interaction-Guide.pdf
- Updated BMS-VR-Guide.pdf

Vehicle / Weapon changes:
- Fixed AS-34 range
- Updated SA-6 engagment parameters for close range
- Fixed wrong data in SA-5 missile
- Fixed SA-SA-N-9 missile (match SA-15)

IVC changes:

Comms changes:
- Added new comms files (Heavy / overhead / Bullseye to target)

Airbase changes:
- Updated Kunsan airbase
- Updated Korean airbases with localizers
- Fixed WASP localizer + ILS

Other changes:
- Updated keys:
  * Added SimEcmMode1-5On/Off
  * Rename SimEcmMode1-5 to SimEcmMode1-5Toggle
- Fixed "J" command unable to turn off ECM
- Updated Audio for UI
- Added Gamepad support
- Updated Falcon BMS.cfg

Code Changelog

3D Engine:
- Fixed memory leak with minimized server or g_bNoRender
- Fixed PS management in "Norender" mode
- Fixed seat height with VR. Now also possible to adjust using mouse
- Fixed crazy chase camera

Weather Engine:

Campaign Engine:
- Fixed CTD when declaring an aggregated feature
- Fixed own team not being spotted and spot status not being updated

AI Engine:
- Fixed harpoons not beeing fired is mission is not TASMO
- Fixed AI opening canopy (and let it opened even after take off) when a player exit
- Fixed AI ground avoidance boost when thrust is null
- Fixed AI badly avoiding other aircrafts on ground
- Removed AI omnipotent last ditch missile avoidance maneuver
- Added AI announces target position when asking permission to engage (for AA and AG)
- Updated overhead radio procedure (no need to declare break anymore, based on user movements)

ATC Engine:
- Fixed CTD in ATC when crashed plane in queue wasn't over a runway
- Added ATC Heavy aircraft management. If requested and possible, ATC will prioritize the longest runway for a Heavy Call

UI Engine:
- Added protection against AI flooding message queue when tanker is not yet opened for business

- Fixed all missiles being considered AA (now reads from database)
- Added reset Pitch Trim when wheelspeed is > 60kts (F-16 only)
- Fixed "cancel override" automatically when entering into SRM or MSL override. Particularly usefull for keyboard user
- Reduced ECM power function of number of program actively transmissing
- Added HOJ in MidCourse taking over DL in case DL is lost
- Added F-16 Avionics: DrawAirspeed
- Fixed wrong places C nemonic for airspeed
- Fixed <M> symbol missing in some edge cases
- Fixed hook can be lowered only once. When raised after lowering, the hook can not be retracted fully but is spring loaded to allow taxiing above cables

Flight Models:

- Added integrity check on entire sim-data folder if requested by server
- Added a new server mode where server stays paused without players and players can control time compression (g_nServerCompressionMode):
  * 0 (default)
  * 1: server pause without players
  * 2: server pauses without players, player can control server acceleration
- Added Server controlled tacview
  * g_bMPAllowFltFile: set to 0 in the server so that clients will not record real-time tacview entries (ACMI will still be exported after flight)
  * g_bMPTacviewRespectFoW: set to 1 in the server so that clients will respect fog of war
- Fixed radar cursor not working with held down pov key
- Added Allows reloading joystick configuration in 3d (.joy in 3D chat window [CTRL+T])