Falcon BMS 4.37.0

General list of affected assets

(4.36 -> 4.37)
LogbookYesNo changes in format. transfer possible
Falcon BMS.cfgNoPlease use Falcon BMS User.cfg for persistent changes
*.key files (keyboard and joysitcks)Noadded new keys and removed old
IVC ClientYesNo impacting updates
RTT RemoteYesNo changes
*.ini files in User folderYesNo changes
DeviceSorting.txt (joystick order)YesCompatible
3D Database (Objects & Textures)LimitedNo changes in formats but many objects, textures and index were changed…
Falcon BMS DatabaseNoFeatures added that make XML files incompable
Campaign *.cam / *.tac / *.trnYesNo format change but baware with DB changes
Weather *.fmapYesNo Changes
Theater build assets (TerrData Terrain & Textures)YesTheater format and assets are compatible
Sound TableNoToo many changes
Cockpit ArtYesNo changes in format
UI definition filesNoNew FHD interface… No backward compatibility
DocumentationLimitedCheck Wiki for documentation update

Known Limitations

  • Mirrors are not true 3D objects and will pop-up once canopy closed
  • VR is a first iteration, do not expect a fully featured expereience (tracking not implemented, mouse needed)
  • F-15C cockpit is a Work In Progress (it cannot be used for ramp start)
  • Falcon BMS will default to new launcher but old launcher still available at root folder installation
  • F-16 HAF “jammer jammer” message control can be turned off by using ReqCTR in DED (EWS page). A proper implementation (ReqJMR) will be done for U1
  • A CTD might occur when you zoom at the edge of the map

Data Changelog

3D & Textures changes:
- Added Ground units: Griffin II, EL-8222 Elta
- Fixed Cockpit F-16 Block 50 HAF
- Fixed F-16 AGRS Afterburner effect
- Added ECM panels and switches for all F-16
- Added Mirrors for 2000C, F-15C, 2000-5 and 2000D
- New F-15C cockpit (Work in progress from Qawa)
- New PS effect for contrail optimization
- New PS effect for wingtip trail (Kouzi)
- Adjusted Ship burning effect

UI changes:
- New music for the UI
- Complete new UI Full HD support (new _FHD folder in Art)
- New splash screens
- Updated Intro video
- New training mission for ECM / SEAD
- Added new Graphics options

Flight Models changes:
- Fixed models due to Boom and basket refuel misalignments
- F-16 HFFM rework around M0.4 - 0.6
- Improved FM for F-15A and D
- Complete revamp of the F-15C FM model

Documentation changes:
- New F-16 Checklists
- New Dash-1
- Training Manual updated
- Dash 34-1 updated
- User Manual updated
- KTO + AIP charts updated
- EOR charts added
- Kneeboards ILS freq page updated

Vehicle / Weapon changes:
- Fixed to AIM-120 beam
- Fixed Mirage IIIE store
- Fixed Mig-25 tanks missing in stores
- Updated MFD Mnemonics for several stores
- Added CATM for Weapon training (AIM-120B / AIM-120C / AIM-9M / AIM-9X / AA-12 / AGM-88D / AGM-65D / AGM-65G / GBU-38 / Empty pylons)
- Added Specific Sounds for CATM
- Fix for 600 gal tanks for IAF

IVC changes:

Comms changes:

Airbase changes:

Other changes:
- Updated Falcon BMS.cfg
- Added an in-house flavor of Alternative Launcher as the new public Launcher for Falcon BMS
- RTT Remote tool updated to 4.2 (added support for DX12 and new functions from BMS)
- BMSFlightData updated v4.118.19.4

Code Changelog

3D Engine:
- Support for SteamVR (Steam and a compatible headset required. First iteration, be gentle! :D )
- Improvements on the PS contrails to reduce CPU usage
- HUD fonts adjusted to adapt to FOV and resolution
- Multiple optimizations and improvements around parallel rendering (20% to 40% improvement)
- Fixed closest Light computation
- Added Mirrors in cockpit (check graphics options in UI)

Weather Engine:
- Fixed Fmap issues in Multiplayer

Campaign Engine:
- Fixed ATO not planning AWACS or Tanker when team surrounded by hostiles
- Fixed CTD/memory corruption in UI when user clicks on ATO package
- Improved UI planner messages
  * Now, if the squadron is human controlled, planner will say Human controlled. If airbase is destroyed, it will display: Air base destroyed. If squadron is relocating, it will show Squadron relocating message and time remaining to finish.

AI Engine:
- Fixed multiple bugs in tanker queue management (MP / SP)
- Fixed AI FCR Radar modes
- Fixed AWACS coms
- Fixed AI not engaging due to bad LOS check
- Fixed wingmen not engaging in AA under specific conditions
- Fixed wingmen not engaging in AG when too close from target
- Fixed CTD when basket refueling
- Fixed AI crashing into the ground for other theaters than KTO
- Fixed AI not being arrested properly on carriers

ATC Engine:
- Fixed Parking point CTD due to reaggregation.
- New taxi positions in 3D display at ramp

UI Engine:
- Complete rework of the Falcon BMS UI for Full HD support of screens
- Added radar cursor movement using callbacks instead of axes

- Fixed potential bug where MPRF seeker could loose track
- New ECM system implemented for multiple F-16 versions (check documentation)
- New F-15C specific avionics (HUD, FCR, PACS, GPS positioning)
- New xml options SafePathRadiusKm and OverflyRoE (can be read from MissionData_*.XML)
- Fixed a CTD when destroyed in HARM mode
- Implemented CATM support (ACDATA will now include "IsCATM" parameter)
- Fixed CTD due to bad radar cast
- Fixed AGM-65L HUD declutter
- Fixed AGM-65L VIS mode
- Fixed HCMD not drawing TDBox after handoff from HAD
- Fixed RALT Auto blanking when it should not
- Fixed ETA inconsistencies between HUD and DED
- Fixed Green MFD
- Fixed IDM symbology in ACM display
- Fixed losing SOI on HAD when firing first HARM
- Fixed STA Store switch CTD
- Fixed maddog behavior
  * Go active of the rail with and w/o fcr track
  * Limit maddog LOS to seeker cone, not gimbal limits
  * Fly straight without target, turn of seeker and self destruct
- Fixed losing SOI on HAD when firing first HARM
- Fixed the positioning and size of both the gear staple "[" and the roll cue

Flight Models:
- Improved Tire slippage in case of crabbing

- Multiple CPU optimizations
- Multiple improvements for Shared Memory
- Multiple fixes for potential CTD and memory corruptions
- Multiples fixes to Tacview (lock lines, remote targets for missiles)
- Disabled acmi when g_bTacviewAcmi is false
- Added a new UI scaling option: g_nScaleUIMode
  * 0 : Disables and works as before
  * 1 : Enables UI scaling with Point (pixelated) filtering
  * 2 : Enables UI scaling with Linear (smooth) filtering - DEFAULT
- Added a trigger between old and New UI: g_nInternalUIResolutionMode (set to 0 for old UI)