Falcon BMS 4.37.1

Known Limitations

  • Mirrors will only show once canopy closed
  • VR is still an early iteration, do not expect a fully featured experience (tracking not implemented, mouse needed)
  • F-15C cockpit is a Work In Progress (it cannot be used for ramp start)
  • Falcon BMS will default to new launcher but old launcher still available at root folder installation

Data Changelog

3D & Textures changes:
- Fix AVTR Switch for CCIP and Greek block cockpits
- F-15C cockpit updates
- Fix to particle system for burning effects on ships
- Change to HARM trail effect
- Fix to WAC Huds

UI changes:
- Fixed AAR Training mission
- Fixed SEAD Training mission
- Fixed Ground Ops mission
- Music Rework

Flight Models changes:
- AV-8B(+) FM and systems rework

Documentation changes:
- BMS-Comms-Nav-Book.pdf
- BMS-Training.pdf
- TO 1F-16CMAM-1 BMS.pdf
- TO 1F-16CMAM-34-1-1 BMS.pdf
- BMS-Technical-Manual
- Keyfile Editor 
- Keyboard Layouts
- Complete Callback List.txt
- BMS-VR-Guide.pdf
- KTO_AIP.pdf

Vehicle / Weapon changes:
- Radar type added for Su-27 / Su-33 family
- Longer Final time for Mavericks to avoid auto destroy too soon
- Multipes fixes to the F-18 family (cockpit + FM)
- CATM A/A missiles cannot be jettisoned
- Fix for C-130 and AN-24 propellers not showing when at full power
- Fox3 Data missiles changes (check code changes for more details on ARH fixes):
  * Missiles performances thrust / drag / Lift , ranges are UNCHANGED
  * Only Missiles gains have been changed

IVC changes:

Comms changes:

Airbase changes:

Other changes:
- Fixed several wrong key callbacks
- New BMS Launcher update (Alternative Launcher v2.3.0)
- New Falcon BMS.cfg (!!!config reset!!!)
- New keys added:
  * SimClickButtonLeft 116 0 0XFFFFFFFF 0 0 0 1 "SIM: Click Buttons UP/CW"
  * SimClickButtonRight 116 0 0XFFFFFFFF 0 0 0 1 "SIM: Click Buttons DOWN/CCW"
  * SimToggleCursorCenter 116 0 0XFFFFFFFF 0 0 0 1 "SIM: Toggle Cursor Center"

Code Changelog

3D Engine:
- Fix issue with Head roll on HMCS
- Improvement to VR resolution casting
- Ignore VSYNC option when in VR
- Improvement on shadow cost to LODs
- Fix VR HUD not collimated to infinity

Weather Engine:

Campaign Engine:
- Fix Pods beeing depleted too fast in campaign (were jettisonned in 2D when FLight aborted)
- Much simpler method for Depletion / ressuply of stores

AI Engine:
- Reduce AI wingmen response time to command
- Fix AI wingmen having weird Flyout
- Fix AI switching to TO / Landing Light immediatly when receiving Clearance to take runway (All AI switching in the same time). Now the switch is done when entering the runway
- Fix Bomb Ripple interval not honored by AI strat bombers

ATC Engine:
- Improved dynamic ATC messages
- Fix parking point number wrongly display after landing
- Fix Messages broadcasted on GUARD (buddy spike) not beeing received by player when UHF set on "BOTH"

UI Engine:
- Fix issues with resolutions lower than FHD (1080) for splash screen
- Fix issue with cursor not showing if resolution lower than FHD (1080)
- Fix issues with wingmen comms on ground

- F-15 PACS color fix
- Fix CTD when AHR goes from HPRF to MPRF while target has been destroyed already
- Fix hung stores whilst pickle was being held down
- Fix CATM impact beep heard by nearby planes and report them in debrief
- Fix HMCS VIP/VRP position and TD box not being drawn
- Fix TDbox being drawn when AGM65 are depleted
- Fix CTD when DMS command sent after ejection
- Fix hud ALIGN indication and current and max G
- Improvement on AHR (fox3) guidance (check data for FM changes)
- Fix EWS Semi Auto mode
- Fix of radar cursor and hsd cursor commands
- Fix Fuselage switch not moving if Main bus not powered
- Fix Fuel Gauges issues with some F-16 blocks

Flight Models:

- Fix CTD when enumerating video modes over RDP (Dedicated Server)
- Add a NoRender mode (Dedicated Server):
  * Set by "set g_bNoRender 1" in the cfg or by passing -norender argument
- Added center cursor for 2D screens and VR (g_b3DClickableCursorFixToCenter and g_b3DClickableCursorFixToCenterIfVR)
- Added -vr or -fakevr commands
- Added VR options:
  * set g_bVRManualCropAlignment 1 // on turns on manual cropping.
  * set g_fVRManualCropFactor 0 // how much to move the cropped area, -1 totally outward, 0 centered, 1 totally inward.