Falcon BMS 4.37.3

Known Limitations

  • Mirrors will only show once canopy closed
  • VR is still an early iteration, do not expect a fully featured experience (mouse needed)
  • Falcon BMS will default to new launcher but old launcher still available at root folder installation

Warning (Breaking Changes)

  • New 3D Models format!!!
  • All theaters made for 4.37.2 and before WILL NOT work… Wait for their authors to update them!
  • As usual, Falcon BMS.cfg is restored to default
  • New BML format is now implemented and will need complete conversion from the Falcon BMS Editor (info to come on wiki)
  • XML mission files changes to add ALR parameters
  • New F-15C dedicated keyfiles
  • RTT update (backup your ini files)

Hotfix 1 Content

  • Alternative launcher
  • Editor fix for LOD mass conversion ( set g_bUseBMLModels 0 in config )

Hotfix 2 Content

  • Fixed CTD when player fails to join a flight
  • Fixed Maddog targeting launcher aircraft at launch
  • Fixed broken clamp logic for right-throttle
  • Fixed F-15 paddle AP bug and release of weapons
  • Fixed ImGui memory leak
  • Show network window with norender
  • Fixed Altimeter tape
  • Fixed Refuel CTD

Data Changelog

3D & Textures changes:
- Complete change of the 3D database:
  * New BML (BMS Lod) format v1 (no PBR)
  * LOD removed: no more HDR or LOD files in Data\TerrData\Objects
  * New 3D DB format: Folder structure under Data\TerrData\Objects\Models\<Parent>\<files>
- Updated F-117A, MV-22, Su-25, U-2 (Luke777)
- F-16A / B IAF Cockpit updates (ejection seat)
- F-16C texture fix (8003.dds)
- F-15C updated cockpit (textures, buttons and switches)
- New textures for Mig-21MF / bis
- RCAF F-18 skin update
- New Su-27S and J-11 models (Radium)
- Fixed J-20 model issue (LOD 3)
- Major update to F-15C cockpit (new working gauges and clickable spots)
- New NVG texture
- Updated Sufa cockpit
- Updated shaders (Env mapping / PBR generic support / ACES Tone mapping)
- Added PS effect for F-15C afterburner
- Added Mitsubishi F-1 / T-2 (Radium)
- Updated several textures with Mipmaps (improve VR readability)

UI changes:
- Fixed campaign trigger files (all - removed initiative shift)
- Fixed Training missions (x1 issue)
- Added Training mission “IFF intercept”
- Fixed Training Missions 21 and 22
- Added new flags to mission XML files (see code)
- Charts updated + kneeboard
- Added F-15C TE missions (Scramble)

Flight Models changes:
- Updated F-15A / C / D models
- Fix Tu-16N not being able to refuel (dirty fix)

Documentation changes:
- Added welcome manual for beginners
- Updated Kalma, Gimpo and Pohang charts
- Updated Iwami ref nav book updated (incl. audio)
- Updated Nav Book
- Updated User manual
- Updated Threat guide
- Updated Training manual
- Updated VR guide
- Updated F-16 -1 and -34-1
- Updated Keyboard Layouts (F-15C)
- Added F-15 dedicated documentation

Vehicle / Weapon changes:
- Added racks and rockets for F-1 / T-2
- Fixed JSSM, AGM-86 and GBU-39 SDB data

Campaign changes:
- Fixed squadron not being able to take-off
- Reworked TvT to include F-15C for players

IVC changes:

Comms changes:
- Updated sounds:
  * RWR new sounds
  * CATM sounds renamed

Airbase changes:
- ATC files updated
- Added missing arrestor cable on Suwon and Chongju
- Kunsan small update

Other changes:
- Updated shared memory tool and header
- Added BMS hash checker tool
- Added F-15C dedicated callbacks (see manual and new key file BMS - Full-F15ABCD.key)
- Alternative Launcher updated to 2.4.0
- Updated RTT (your config will be reset...)
- Updated Shared Memory tool (BMSFlightData.exe and headers)

Code Changelog

3D Engine:
- New BML v1 format implementation
- FOV dependent NVG area size
- VR implementation for F-15C: g_bNoVRRealisticF15HUDSymbolPositions can force realistic symbol positions for NoVR mode
- Fixed mirrors not respecting other objects geometry
- Fixed HDR for VR
- Added instruments backlights per zone in cockpit dat files (F-15C only for now)

Weather Engine:

Campaign Engine:
- Revamp of unit orders for more efficient ground tactics in 2D
- Restored the Air Tasking Manager (ATM) in PAK map
- Enhanced SEAD 2D Targetting
- Implementation of ALR system (Acceptable Level of Risk)
  * XML mission files in campaign folder have those parameters added
  * Check Mission commander for assistance
- Air Tasking Manager: Multiple enhacements
  * DEAD mission requests in ATM will prioritize high threat SAMs
  * OCA Strike mission requests in ATM will prioritize airbase, airfield and army bases based on its status and number of squadrons
  * Adds ALR warning for manually fragged missions
- Fixed deadlock during campaign MP connection while receiving waypoint information
- Improved ressuply of squadrons via airlift:
  * Airlift missions will be fragged when Squadrons need resupply
  * Airlift mission resupply Squadrons at an Airbase/Airfield/Army Base with the highest supplies needs
  * Supplies not used are added to the team supply (shared by all units)
- Fixed single-ship flight when dead not subtracted from squadron
- Fixed damage distribution versus objectives
- Fixed alert flights being fragged for squadrons at airbases with all runways destroyed 

AI Engine:
- Fixed ground targeting for AI
- Fixed FCR and ECM behavior for AI when aggregating
- Fixed AI flying too slow in DGF module when they have no target
- Added commands for AI ground attacks

ATC Engine:
- No overheads for UAV
- Fixed sound breakages close to the end of conversations
- Fix ATC voice beeing incorrect in Taxi Off Routing message
- Added Runway specific markings (through ATC files)

UI Engine:
- Fixed: CTD related with infobar
- Fixed: Fill window to screen if the window mode is borderless
- Addded: Support for IPv4 / v6 Ban on host (Windows will be visible from 3D with key callback)
- Fixed: make invisible the "Skill" field on the "add flight" window callback for campaign
- Improved Network data window (Display IP Bans)
- Fixed window moving to the edge of screen after dragging or scrolling
- Added player slot number in 2D flight selection
- Added automatic scroll to assigned key in control setup

- New implementation of ARH (Active Radar Homing logic for Fox3)
- new implentation of AIRH for MICA missiles
- New Frag damage model (don't fly low or you'll get damaged)
- Special DED page for IAF aircrafts (UHF -> GRN, VHF -> RED, Functions for JDAM and SPICE)
- New handling of CHAFF / FLARE sequence and effect to weapons
- Fixed CTD in Harmpods (detected in ITO)
- Fixed JSOW spacing for some corner cases
- Fixed F-16 ALT TAPE position & Dogfight with Master Arm Safe
- Fixed several issues with AGM-65L
- Fixed designate cmd not working for IAM VIS 
- Fixed wrong orientation of TAA (Target Aspect Cue)
- Added avionics config option avionicsDGFTSegmentedTdArc to toggle segmented TD arc
- Fixed a bug with TMS-Right affecting AA RADAR when the radar isn't the SOI
- Fixed topgun and eyefly view not being blocked when requested by the server
- Fixed icing Caution should not work with Anti Ice switch to OFF
- Fixed altimeter reading on HUD for negative altitudes
- Fixed Overfly Mark
- Fixed DED format, highlight and spacing in HUD
- Added delay displaying data on the DED
- Fixed Cursor Zero: don't operate CZ when TGP or FCR are tracking
- Adds double diamond HUD symbology to HOB missiles (caged)
- Fixed EEGS info on AA HUD
- Fixed MSL OVRD page showing gun when missiles were not loaded
- Fixed GPS missiles terminal guidance distance
- Improved distance limit for Long range A/G missiles (190NM - Effective 135NM)

Systems (F-15C):
- Added Engine Management (ramp start possible now)
- Added capability to carry 2 UHF radios system (full refactor of radio system))
- Added simplified Link 16
- Added Radar Control Panel with Long Range Search, Range, Azimuth and Elevation Control
- Added TEWS
- Added ALR-56C
- Added ARMT pages
- Added A/A Pages and symbology
- Added radar modes: Highlight, Supersearch
- Added LCOS symbology and recticle stiffen
- Added Flap auto retraction
- Added full HOTAS functions
- Added new light system
- Added HOJ strobe
- Added several cockpit panels: autopilot, EWS, radar, engine control, radio, oxyg system, etc
- Added DOF for several control surfaces
- Added fuel tank animation
- Added ASI+MACH dial logic
- Added CMD lights and symbology
- Added G warning system (ACDATA)
- Added simplified INS system

Systems (Other Planes):
- Tornado Basic HUD implementation
- F-18C FCR Basic implementation
- F-18C SMS initial implementation
- F-18C HSD initial implementation
- F-18C HUD NAV initial implementation
- F-18C scan range adapted
- F-18C PRF mode changes bar scan bar elevation
- F-4E A/A Radar Initial Implementation

Flight Models:
- F-15 Autopilot support

- Fixed throttle inversion and ab/idle-detents
- Falcon BMS Editor:
  * Now includes a mass converter from LOD to BML (check wiki for more information)
  * Now includes a more functional BML model viewer
  * Use g_bUseBMLModels = false (in user config file) if you want to use LOD and batch convert
- Tacview improvements:
  * Added more detailed tacview types: AA/SAM, carrier, warship, tank, infantry
  * Added output to Tacview for airplanes and missiles: AOA, AOS, IAS, CAS, Mach, g
  * Added g_fTacviewFramesSkippedMultiplier to modify number of frames skipped in tacview recording and thus control size of acmi (default = 1.0)
    _ 0.0: all frames a written (huge acmi, for debugging only)
    _ 0-1 decrease skipped frames
    _ >1 increase skipped frames (reduce acmi size)
- XInput Plug & Play (Better Gamepad support)
- XInput Helper (Text on screen for TMS / DMS)
- Reload unique AC key files when enter 3D (for new F-15 key files)
- Several fixes