Falcon BMS 4.36

Initial release: April 24th 2022 – Latest update: April 24th 2022

All updates are distributed via torrent (we recomend qbittorrent)

Download Links

Reminder: For first install, download all Updates and Base Installer

!!!WARNING!!! After download, please refer to this POST for fixes…

Download (torrent): Falcon BMS 4.36 Full Setup (Magnet)

Changelog: Base

Checksum Info:

Name: Falcon BMS 4.36
Size: 3894166978 bytes (3713 MiB)
CRC64: 90DAE9A1CE6F5496
SHA256: 949A3E4AF91BF1CF99210177B88CD1A6C66B47C02588C20FE8CDD823AAB91666
SHA1: E4C5F4EBB783EB5480B7D382828A6084859B8C2E

Legacy Versions

Older and unmaintained versions of Falcon BMS

Falcon BMS 4.35

Download (torrent): Falcon BMS 4.35 Full Setup (Magnet)

Changelog: Base / Update 1 / Update 2 / Update 3


Checksum Info:

Name: Falcon BMS 4.35 Setup (Full).zip
Size: 2886338879 bytes (2752 MiB)
CRC64: 14A63FCA49A1E574
SHA256: A5A55889D7FCEF7ED22A2DDDC8937A3F12AECBF63345C4F09C385466F9B3A88F
SHA1: FB8477193FA0D00BE8F90365901220F8495E0108

Falcon BMS 4.34

Download (torrent): Falcon BMS 4.34 Full Setup (magnet)




Checksum Info:

Name: Falcon BMS 4.34 Setup.7z
Size: 2764031917 bytes (2635 MiB)
CRC64: 222E9ABD140C354B
SHA256: 127C5DBF8250279D0ECE787652BC4F00C32226272C7B477A0407402C61D4C44A
SHA1: 7CA8C37F88BED73E616F12BC6C595699D5A52F59

Falcon BMS 4.33

Download (torrent): Falcon BMS 4.33 Full Setup (magnet)




Checksum Info:

Name: Falcon BMS 4.33 Setup.7z
Size: 1705448502 bytes (1626 MiB)
CRC64: ED7E218BAA58C85F
SHA256: E9DD387087203DBEB1EFEE6D63807A091F55B9B47940C2C655307D47D326A040
SHA1: 8DFE931E1D628E5B1AFFD6B4CDF4E64C03065E29