Falcon BMS 4.37

Initial release: December 30th 2022 – Latest update: January 28th 2023

If you chose to download through torrents: we recomend qbittorrent

Download Links

Version: Falcon BMS 4.37.1 (Incremental Update)

Disclaimer: Do not update on top of a modded install…

Online Update: Just run your updater.exe from BMS Root Directory…

Offline Update: Torrent (Magnet)

File Information (Offline installer Only):

Name: Falcon BMS_4.37_Update1.exe
Size: 214751735 bytes (204 MiB)
CRC64: FF71EF880E818B90
SHA256: 3eac9e06237df57b82bf14a8f35e6a38667502ade1e5e913588a6f9ec36b6608
SHA1: 0a821cd341c0faa9c637c2e042071fd497882dd2
BLAKE2sp: 2b2d7e67389caad52d7c1f8e789ab6c66cefac3ae5ab169512362ab962faa2fe

Version: Falcon BMS 4.37.0 (Full Installer)

BMS Downloader (web): Falcon_BMS_Downloader

Torrent: Torrent (Magnet)


Notes for BMS Downloader:

Just unzip the exe file and run it from anywhere… It will create a “BMS_Downloads” folder where you installer will be.

File Information:

Name: Falcon BMS_4.37_Full_Setup.exe
Size: 4228883186 bytes (4032 MiB)
CRC32: 7F996696
CRC64: 4B08C618E554AA8A
SHA256: ed9bc9970d002474755401c8819515b323bee8907d272ec2779c51ff0696403b
SHA1: 7001666a203ce28036b8489294cc9746ff3cb957


Legacy Versions

Older and unmaintained versions of Falcon BMS

Falcon BMS 4.36

Download: Torrent (Magnet)

Changelog: Base / U1 / U2 / U3

Checksum Info:

Name: Falcon
Size: 4221112333 bytes (4025 MiB)
CRC32: 1362CD19
SHA256: 82d68f4c5a37e49031d1077150821a3defde5000a9b53b1a4d3bd115a9a34e69
SHA1: 8fca226c1125b4a11f551de8c95338e20073b5ba

Falcon BMS 4.35

Download: Torrent (Magnet)

Changelog: Base / U1 / U2 / U3

Checksum Info:

Name: Falcon
Size: 2518269960 bytes (2401 MiB)
CRC32: A46E2A8F
CRC64: 528FDC461CD65349
SHA256: 2d57f8604da7a981e1431e19d78d811044dbcca5b4cc9a7802cc183fcb0951f3
SHA1: 060b956123d5ce776b2c4373f84af7f0a9e8e52a

Falcon BMS 4.34

Download: Torrent (Magnet)


Checksum Info:

Name: Falcon
Size: 2241194129 bytes (2137 MiB)
CRC32: 52023C75
CRC64: D257E1303E814C8F
SHA256: be01ed00e2d38f5c7cbc7edbba553f5c5b3fc57afb25db7e7968afe42971082f
SHA1: 1637b6cfc4d63fc5eb01922ca21200dbcd204c18